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Title: Tactical
Fandom- Pairing: Dark Angel- Alec/Original Cindy
Rating-Word count-notes: NC-17, ~1000 Words, for [livejournal.com profile] oxoniensis' Porn Battle under the prompt of Tender. Beforewarned, there's Genderswap (far reach, too), and I'm pretty sure the original prompt called for an original character instead of Original Cindy. Feh, whatever. Presumably after the Series Finale, meaning that Max and Alec live in Terminal City, and Original Cindy doesn't.

"Manticore made it so I get like this, when I'm, y'know, in heat. Said it was Tactical?"

"You turn into a hot young thing, that's their strategy?" Original Cindy asks, pursing her lips, crossing her arms at the door. "Max usually just wants some dick from the closest mutt around."

"I can assure you, Cindy, that you're not the closest mutt around," He says, laying the charm on so thick she wants wine with his cheese. But it's time to be truthful, and she has to keep on the real: Alec knew how to step correct. This new body is generous in all the right places but fit all the others, (kinda like Max, but you know Original Cindy won't say that about her boo) all tight leather pants and low-cut excuse for a shirt. His jaw's a little softer, sure, but he still looks the same if she remembers well enough. Nevermind, he's stacked like chips and it's been a long time since she's had a taste of the finer things in life. Surely, weirder things have happened.

"C'mere," he says, pressing his lips to hers in the doorsil, and she doesn't even know why he's so composed about it, given the fact that Max was a fucking maniac in heat. All that animal DNA, she thought he'd be different. Still, Alec's lips are as plush as they look, hot on hers, pressing his tongue in for coy-licks into her mouth, intense in ways Cindy can't explain.

"Hold up there, babydoll," She sways, easing away. He follows her, pulling his bag off that beautiful slim shoulder, setting it down as he closes the door behind them. She looks at him, appraising those bare acres of skin, flushed lips and cheeks. "I wanna do this right."

He looks at her for a long minute, and shrugs, heaving. "Fair enough."

She steps to him, easing a hand into his hair, angling his to address hers, kissing him just barely as her eyes flutter closed. Alec's hand skirts around her side to hold onto her as he responds, his lips submitting to whatever she wants of him, and they stand like that for what seems like eons. She likes this, likes how this body fits up against hers, how his hand slips into her hair and she almost forgets about what she knows he looks like most of the time, only focuses on the flesh right next to her, the lips on hers.

After that, she's confident on this one, confident enough to push Alec's jacket off his shoulders and shimmy his top from his head. No bra, and goddamn, Cindy thinks, isn't all that skin and leather beautiful.

He's pulling clothing off her body, too, undoing her jeans and letting them slip over her hips and thighs before plopping down on the floor, nuzzling at her neck as he unzips her shirt and pushes it backward. She stands naked to him, pressed up against him and can't help but want more, can't help but want all he has, before cinderella turns back into something more like prince charming and she just won't be interested anymore.

Under his pants, there's that classy seamless underwear that would take all of Cindy's paycheck to afford.

"How'd you get those," She asks. He smiles on her lips.

"Lifted them right outta tiny little boutique in sector five," He says, the cockiest he's been since he got here. "You like 'em?"

"Fuck," She says, wiggling a finger at the top of his ass, right where the tailbone slides down each into crack. The black looks amazing on him, and he stands tall and proud like this is the body he's always had, this is what those idiots at Manticore designed for him, this is what those fools meant by 'tactical' after all.

The bed's cold, sure, but this ain't no harlequin romance, and she is about to fuck a gendebreaking transgenic soldier, so it's no suprise when he shivers and whispers, "I'm so wet for you, please Cindy."

"Woah, woah, wait," Okay, she has to do this before it becomes too much, too fast, and sits up, looking at him again, from his face down between those breasts and down to the tatters of fabric that could barely ever be considered to exist as 'underwear' to women who can afford to be financially gutted. "Now, I know you're comin in hot, but I kinda wanna savor you."

"How long?" Alec asks her, fingers sliding between her breasts as he brings his mouth up to address one of her nipples, just brushing barely at it with his teeth, hooking her on a moan. She pulls him away, looks down at him and purses her lips.

"Long enough for you to realize Original Cindy ain't a ho," And there's his face, dropping in disbelief. She smirks, thankful that she still has the upper hand, "But you didn't think that, anyway, did you?"

They roll into each other, still kissing and touching, soft skin to soft skin. Their hips line up, colliding until Original Cindy's hips angle just right, until Alec's moaning like he's getting fucked for real, eyes rolling back into his head, sparks flying off that buxom body.

"Fuck," Alec whines, and her fingers ache to penetrate him, to feel him swell around her, "Fuck, please."

"Aww, boo. Wanna come? Want it bad? Jonesin' for it, ain'tcha?" She asks. There's something so beautiful in front of her, and it hurts for her to look, stings to know it'll only be hers for tonight. "I know you wanna fuck."

"Please," Alec asks, vulnerable. He reaches up frames her face with an elegant hand, pulling her down for another kiss, opening his legs to ease his panties down.

Original Cindy has at him, pushing aside the fact that she's still tangling with what that body looks like normally. She fucks him hard, grinding clit to clit, slipping fingers in his cunt and fucking right into his G, making him draw up, all his energy pooling at the base of his beautiful spine as she licks at his breasts, his neck, his mouth. She lets the tip of her nail scrape along his clit bright metallic until he's screaming, shaking under her. He eats at her mouth as he comes, head falling back and away.

"Greedy little thing, right?" She asks.

"I just... god, wanted this, wanted something real." After he's done, girlish hands swipe over her stomach. "I just wanted you."

"You have got to be joking," she says, sitting up on her forearms after he rolls her onto the bottom, back pressed against cheap linen sheets in her sweet little hull of a room.

"I want it bad," He lifts her up gently, biting at the crotch of her underwear and letting her settle in his lap as his teeth pull the offending cloth away, pressing his lips to her stomach and venturing south, letting her squirm as his mouth peels her labia back to address her clit with swirling tongue. "Wanted this too much, but knew this was the only way I'd even remotely get it."

"This is kinda fucked up, then," She offers. "How do you expect me to..."

"Does it matter?" He pauses, burrowing deeper into her and breaching her with his tongue, licking her up until she's groaning, grabbing for the hair he refuses to cut just yet. She rides his face while he flicks at her clit with a finger, rubbing at it uncontrollably. She groans, claws at that perfect skin on his back, and comes down his throat, sticky smooth. "You think I don't want you? You still think that I'm just here because I'm in heat? You do, don't you?"

"I don't know what to think, Alec," She hisses, but he returns down to her center and makes her come again simply out of spite, most likely. She gasps, throws her head back and curses him as he hooks his fingers inside her to pull her open and make way for his tongue, letting it nudge softly at her G-spot in a way she didn't even think was possible, every angle exploited like he's fighting a war inside her.

Secretly, she kinda wants to fuck him again, at a time where he's got these assets and she has better plans. Plans like a long bath and a dildo and painting Alec's body against poorly insulated windows that face sector three. Cindy does what she can with that body, though, and the time she has. She doesn't quite believe that he's here for her, but sees it written across his face by the end of the night, when he's so fucked out he can't even pull those lips into a smirk, never the less lie convincingly. They spindle around each other, hooking orgasms two and four-deep until all that's left to do is lay in bed and try to breathe. Even though she doesn't want to admit it, she doesn't want to sleep, not until she can't find the folds of his body anymore and the one she remembers is back.

She wakes up after a sleep she hadn't even realized she'd fallen into, wrapped around him as the sun shines in. He's flat chested and gotten his jaw and that thing back, and she reluctantly breaks away, knowing that she's just not attracted to that.

She turns away, and he reaches out for her.

"Thank you," he whispers, like he thinks she's still asleep as he reaches for his bag and his change of clothes. He gets dressed quick and gets up to leave, moving to pick up the underwear and set off on his way. Original Cindy doesn't play that morning after shit, and pulls him back to the bed.

"Don't be marking off with all that 'thank you' shit, when you know you were speechless about it last night," She says.

"I know how much you don't want me arou..." He starts, but she shakes her head and plays with her hair.

"The next time you're like that, come back and see me, alright? I'll have what you need," She whispers.

"I know you will," Alec says, all ladykiller and everything she hates about men. She pulls him to her, kisses him like she's never going to see him again even though she knows there's a good chance he might just come back. Alec's unpredictable, but lord knows he's not as much of a slut as he portrays, can see it in his eyes, in the way he moves around her bed, in the way he's sulking this morning.

It's then when she realizes his lips feel and taste the same they did the night before.

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