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Friends, Slashers, Countrywomen, please understand that given circumstances, this journal is to remain:

I am usually against having friends only journals, but this choice is made simply out of necessity, and as such, I will not be friending everybody who friends me. I am selective about who gets to see this part of me. This is not personal. If you're reading this, then how could it be? Yes, this does mean that you're signing up for a lot. But if you take a leap of faith, I will most likely do the same.

Crazy/ Androgynous/ 20-something/ Bi/ Geek/ Loud/ Academic/ Dancer/ Fan Of Colour

I write Popslash, Who/Torchwood, Supernatural, CWRPS, Iron Man, and Bandom RPS, and if you're here for the fic, I assure you that it will remain unlocked.

Disclaimer: All opinions stated in this journal are mine, and seeing as it's my journal I think that's about right. All stories are originally written, using both intellectual property and personal identity that belongs to their respective owners, be that Real People, the CW, or the BBC. Most of the fiction in this journal is written for adults, with several stories suggesting non-vanilla behavior and homosexual relations. I do not intend to misrepresent anybody. In summary: If I'm not owning up to it, then it's all lies. In nomine patris...

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Okay, so here are all the fics and summer due dates needed for such. I figure if they're in my face everyday I'll, you know, Finish them.

Torchwood-Sweet Charity- REALLY FREAKING OVERDUE.

SPNRPS- J2 for [livejournal.com profile] stephanometra- Prompt: Bandom!J2 in the Electric Dreams!Verse

Multi-fandom (Projected SPN, SPNRPS, Torchwood/who, Iron Man, ect) For [livejournal.com profile] kink_bingo
Prompts )

Ongoing prompts:
Girl!J2: as seen here
Girl!Ianto: as seen here
Fashion!J2: as seen here
Sam/Jensen: as seen here
Martha/Dean: as seen here

Fic Header )
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Here are the prompts I wrote for during the [livejournal.com profile] blindfold_spn kink meme. Overall, even though the meme took host to prompts of a very disturbing nature (Again, apparently fandom can only like/accept female characters under the age of 10), I think It was really awesome for not only the fandom, but for my writing as well. I'm finding a new voice in comment fics, and it's good to keep the practice of ficcing again without writing another near-novella (the first one was enough, trust me). I found Misha, (and maybe a little bit of Castiel) through this, and I decided to brush up some of the writing before putting it here.

God/Castiel (This was that ooey-gooey blasphemy I was talking about)
Castiel was surely not prepared. )

Since we're on the subject of blasphemy, the next request was Dean bound to some kind of fucking machine[...] Overstimulation kink. Bonus points for steampunk.
Escape, however cunning and imaginative it could possibly be, is not an option. )

Also somewhat blasphemous: Jensen/Misha, roleplaying as Dean/Castiel
He doesn't know if Jensen's insulting Castiel or paying him a backhanded compliment. )

Now, onto the far less blasphemous portion of the evening. Misha / Jared; size-kink, Misha is a slutty little size queen
The thing is, Misha likes challenges. )

And if the rest of this wasn't so over the top and ridiculous, we've now entered the genderfuck portion of tonight's review: J2. Girl!Jared is very well endowed. Pegging; but also top!Jensen (switching?). Lots of titsucking and breastplay. However, I'm sure that it turned into girl!J2 and then turned into boy!girl!Jensen and girl!Jared. DON'T ASK ME HOW I GOT THERE.
A man's man, maybe even a <i>real</i> one. )

So, um, there's one more, but I don't know how to make it better, and it was a ridiculous concept in the first place. Maybe I'll post it later. <3.
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Title: The Constant Road Across the Wilderness
Fandom: Iron Man (movieverse)
Rating-Pairing: R, Pepper Potts/Jim Rhodes
Prompt-Notes: Originally for [livejournal.com profile] oxoniensis' Porn Battle VI, under the prompt 'waiting'. Also: Copious Amounts of Angst. And conversations about hell and Purgatory, although they're kind of light. It's three months!fic, guys. As with all porn battle prompts, Proofread but unbeta'd. Title swiped from Paul Simon's 'The Cool, Cool River'. Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] stephanometra for the beta.

Pepper's waiting for him on the tarmac, when he returns from Afghanistan alone. )
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Title: Monsters and Synergy
Fandom:Iron Man
Rating-Pairing: NC-17, Pepper Potts/Tony Stark/ Jim Rhodes
Prompt-Notes: Oneshot written for [livejournal.com profile] cerebel's Porn Battle, under the prompts of 'selfish' and 'loving two people at once'. Written from Pepper's perspective. Proofread, but unbeta'd.

She catches them in the act a lot )
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Title: We'll Just Tell Them I
Fandom: Bandom- Panic! At the Disco (Now with Added genderswap)
Rating-Pairing: NC-17, Jon Walker/Girl!Spencer Smith
Warnings: Um, Strap-ons? Do I have to warn for that?
Prompt-Notes: Originally written as Comment Porn for [livejournal.com profile] clumsygyrl, Under the idea that Panic At the Disco consists of three girls and Jon Walker. How that's any different from real life is up to you. Still, it's pegging het. Written for the [livejournal.com profile] kink_bingo prompt 'Strap on'. Yes, I used my wild card. What of it, hmm?
Thanks to: [livejournal.com profile] bexone for the original Idea, [livejournal.com profile] clumsygyrl for letting it explode all over her journal, and [livejournal.com profile] stephanometra for screaming, flailing, and cleaning up my horrible punctuation.

Disclaimer: Um, I don't own these people. Although if I did, they wouldn't be allowed outside the house...without copious amounts of eye makeup at least. Also, Spencer Smith isn't a girl. Although It'd be helpful to own a Girl!Spencer, who went to check my mail in copious amounts of eye makeup. Hmm, this calls for science.

Summary: The one where Brenna's sick, Ryanne's sick, Jon's Jon, and Spencer's equal parts horny and not happy with the general state of things.

It's not like he's going anywhere )

Hay Guys, Where the hell do I promote this?
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Title: Thick as Thieves
Fandom: Iron Man movieverse
Rating-Pairing: NC-17, Tony Stark/Jim Rhodes/Pepper Potts
Warnings: Explicit Sex, both Het and Slash, and a threesome, Explicit m/f/m. Spoilers for both movie and comic book timelines, albeit they're kind of creatively intertwined. Unintentional overusage of Rhodey's first name.
Prompt: For [livejournal.com profile] kink_bingo prompt "Sensory Deprivation (touch)."
Thanks to: [livejournal.com profile] stephanometra for always being there to read over this and cheer along and keysmash and make sure that I wasn't off the deep end.

Disclaimer: If this were real, it'd be canon. If this were in the canon, it'd probably be in the movie. If this were in the movie, the actors probably wouldn't have liked it much. Or maybe they would have, I dunno. I'm not insinuating anything, including that I own any of these characters.

Summary: Tony so won't fall for Rhodey's plan. Until he does, and realizes there's a lot he doesn't know at all.

Brothers in arms, Friends with benefits, it's all the same. )
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Title: A Mile Wide
Rating/Pairing: NC-17, Jensen/Jared
Notes: Part of an unfinished bandom!J2 AU, where both Jensen and Jared are in bands on tour with each other. Both of them are bottoms. This can be read as a standalone, or else I wouldn't have posted it. There's a few mentions of drug use, but nothing too heavy or long.
Prompt: For [livejournal.com profile] wendy with the prompt of 'J2, and Handcuffs', and for [livejournal.com profile] kink_bingo with the prompt of 'Silence'.

Summary: Jensen's penchant for the dramatic comes in handy, every now and then. It's a good thing he likes being manhandled.

This isn't the smartest idea that Jensen's ever had, but it kinda feels like it. )
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wait, there's a strike? Like, really, people are striking? Against Livejournal? Tell me how that one goes, I wish I could learn the secret to quitting this place, sometimes. Bah.

I mean, I get why there's a strike, and I know all your hearts are in the right places, but I bought my permie In the 2005 account sale and haven't given LJ a penny of my money since. Danga got it all, back when I graduated from high school. End of Story and all that jazz. So instead, I wanted to talk about what's really twisting my giblets and no, it's not LJ's lack of free journals anymore.

Counter ads. You know, the kind that offer the lgbt community a 'cure' for homosexuality, and chronic illness patients 'cures' for things like autism. I don't see these ads, but I have a lot of friends who do, and it's rediculous to think that these are the people giving the new livejournal money.

In that honor, i'm going to be as gay as possible for as long as possible, and spam all your journals with porn to make them gayer, too. Consider it my own personal 'fuck you' to LJ. I may provide content, but it's going to be the kind of content that probably makes some of your new sponsors sick. Awesome. Here's a barf bag.

Also, thank you to everybody who offered condolences over Dora's death. It's still pretty hard to even say her name, think of her, or hear the song 'fergielicious' but, you know, days go by and things get better. Thank you all again. I love you guys.
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Title: Tactical
Fandom- Pairing: Dark Angel- Alec/Original Cindy
Rating-Word count-notes: NC-17, ~1000 Words, for [livejournal.com profile] oxoniensis' Porn Battle under the prompt of Tender. Beforewarned, there's Genderswap (far reach, too), and I'm pretty sure the original prompt called for an original character instead of Original Cindy. Feh, whatever. Presumably after the Series Finale, meaning that Max and Alec live in Terminal City, and Original Cindy doesn't.

You turn into a hot young thing, that's their strategy? )
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